Transform Your Homeschool in Just 3 Days! June 9 to 11


Ditch the doubts. Step into confidence!

Doubting your ability as a homeschool parent? Come join us for three days of inspiring instruction from some of the most practical and authentic speakers.

Let’s face those fears head on with wisdom, insight,  and support from those who’ve been where you are now.

Are you feeling like you are…

  • messing up your kids?
  • damaging your relationship with your children?
  • stumbling to figure out the next step?
  • failing as a parent?
  • worrying whether your kids will be successful in life? (spoiler alert, many highly successful people were homeschooled!)
  • missing out and just not doing it right?


You are not alone. From the other moms and dads to the speakers on the stage, every homeschooler has shared your fears—and conquered them with clear vision, godly encouragement, practical tips, and fresh perspective. 

It’s time to homeschool with confidence. We have a seat waiting for you!

You started homeschooling because you wanted something different for your family.

Every family’s journey has a different starting point.

  • Concern over school environment
  • A desire to see your child’s unique abilities nurtured
  • A conviction to align your child’s education with your family values
  • Freedom to be with your family on YOUR schedule
  • Your struggling learner’s needs not being met
  • And the list goes on!

No matter what brought you here, we are all united with the same heartfelt desire:

Educating our children in the best way possible.

This past year, education around the world got flipped upside down! Everyone became homeschoolers for at least part of the year, and they did it without the resources or support that is typically available. YOU have the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best homeschool influencers in the country!


Homeschooling with Confidence is a community rooted in support and packed with practical tips, ideas, and helps that you can start using before the conference’s last speaker has finished their closing remarks.

But what’s a conference without a little extra SWAG?

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Speaking of Speakers...

Get ready to be encouraged!

And so many more!

We’ve packed our conference with industry-leading experts who aren’t just great speakers; they have been in your shoes! Each talk comes with real-life experience and easy-to-implement tips for immediate success in your homeschooling journey!


You will have a customized experience, letting you choose which workshops you attend, coupled with dynamic breakout sessions that let you connect with your fellow homeschoolers! 


There is a live person available for support and questions, and our program will automatically bring you back into the Main Stage at the end of your breakout sessions to make sure you don’t miss a single moment!

This is NOT another zoom meeting!

The entire Homeschooling With Confidence is Free to attend!

TWO full days of Free, Hands-on, Helpful,

Encouraging, Resources and Support


Just add HOMESCHOOL BASIC – FREE to your cart at checkout, and you’re in!

Did you know…

  • On average, homeschoolers score substantially higher on standardized tests than public school students?
  • The typical homeschool student is well socialized? The flexibility of school schedules allows for more advancement in extracurricular activities and interests!
  • Homeschoolers are diverse! According to the US Census:
    Hispanic: 12.1% of households are homeschooling
    White: 9.7% of households are homeschooling
    Black: 16.1% of households are homeschooling
    Asian: 8.8% of households are homeschooling
  • Homeschooled students graduated from college at the rate of 66.7% higher than traditionally schooled students, according to one recent study! Do you know what that means? Colleges really do want homeschooled children!

In other words…
Parents, you aren’t going to mess up your kids by homeschooling!


Question: How can you tell you are a homeschooling parent?


Answer: You made sure to read all the way to the bottom of the page to collect any necessary info before hitting that submit button!


You are parents after our own heart, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Let’s address all those fears you are feeling about starting a new school year HEAD ON – so you can put them behind you. It’s time to get back to doing what you are called to do:


Experience the freedom that comes with feeling confident in your schooling journey.

  • Get Valuable Tips for: Building dynamic relationships with your children through the schooling process.
  • Creating co-op communities with other families
  • College preparation Socializing your students through extracurricular activities
  • Creating a flexible schooling lifestyle that fits your family Finding the right curriculum for your student
  • And so much more!

Joining our community is more than great resources and inspiring content – it’s a community of parent’s just like you, working together to create a learning environment that works for their family!