Exactly what you need for a mid-year rescue! More than 60 sessions from some of the most highly rated homeschool influencers in the nation, LIVE chats with those who really get what you're going through, and so much more!

Cut through the confusion.

Get practical tips that work right now.

Put stability and order into your home.

Create an environment for your kids to THRIVE! 

Why Homeschooling with Confidence?

Homeschooling has been thrust into the spotlight as millions of parents are making the decision to bring their kids home. In these tough times, many choices need to be made quickly but with discernment.


Homeschooling with Confidence is a unique online conference designed to be YOUR team.Whether you are new to the journey or a seasoned pro, come grow and learn and recognize you have what it takes to homeschool. 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Developed to equip, encourage, and simplify, this event gives you the best of three days of live teaching—more than 60 workshops—and unique mini events, all followed by a year full of resources.  

You’ll receive three new sessions each month, live Q&As with your favorite speakers every month, as well as an exclusive list of discounts and goodies!